The Uncensored Valentine’s Day

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Welcome to the third and final option. Mom and Dad if you are reading this, I’m sorry. I’m also happy you are curious to see what this spicy day entails. Warning, this post may not be safe for work, and certainly is not kid friendly. This is for those lucky couples who somehow got rid of their wonderful children for the night. Or the even luckier couples who booked a weekend away at a nice hotel or resort.

If you are in the Reno area. I highly recommend the Peppermill Resort Spa and Casino. My husband and I stayed there for our anniversary when I was pregnant and loved it. Like most casinos, the smoke is a little thick and I had to stay in the room most of the time because the smell really got to me and I didn’t want to expose my bump to that. We did get the All You Need Is Love package. Includes a couples massage, on your first nights stay. We also ate at Romanza and let them know we were celebrating our anniversary. The staff was amazing, food was excellent and they comped us a wonderful dessert to share.

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If you have read all the other post options you know the theme is dinner, dessert, a gift and activity. With this post, we are going to spice it up a little and use a very trendy topic for gift giving right now.

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I recently came across a thing called the 5 senses gift and I scoured the internet for hours to see where this idea came from. Unfortunately I could not find an origin but did find many companies to help you out with the idea.

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So for this hot and steamy Valentine, we are going to turn this gift into a theme. It’s something to put a thrill back into your life, it’s perfect for the more daring couples, and I promise, it will set the tone and anticipation to end your night perfectly.

The following is in no particular order and can be arranged for your maximum satisfaction.

Sight: Nothing is sexier than you. I know sometimes as parents we lose that, we spend most of our days in yoga’s and celebrate when we actually was able to take a shower without someone saying mom or trying to join you. This part of the gift takes you back to before the children, to a time where we were our own person and a reminder for why your significant other fell in love with you. I highly recommend getting a professional photographer. They are a bit pricey but they know how to make you feel comfortable and bring out the goddess that you are. Search in your area or on Facebook as most photographers run a special during this time. If you are close to the central valley, hit up Sabrina Lee Photography, she is amazing! She did a little Mommy & Me session for us last year.

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I know getting a photo book made is a little anxiety ridden as a stranger will be seeing your photos. There are a ton of online options. Target has a 50% off deal going on until 1/30/18. Click here as this is an online only offer. You can also use My Bridal Pix. Think of it as a Shutterfly, only for sexy things.

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Make sure to pack you lingerie you used in the book to bring his dream to life.

Sound: OK, so sound is pretty obvious, a mix tape is a must. It’s a bit easier now that everything is digital and you can easily upload a playlist to your phone and connect it to a speaker. For a great sound try the JBL Pulse 3. Wrap up the speaker as a gift and have your playlist ready to go for him. For song options check out this list here by

Taste: There are a few options you can use for this. You can simply wrap up his favorite candy, eat out at your favorite restaurant, order room service. The options are endless. If you are staying home, try cooking a romantic dish or recreating your first meal together. I found the following for a tasty meal. Here is an article from for other food options to get you in the mood.

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Smell: A candle is more than a gift you give at Christmas. When you really research each scent, you will find each aroma does something different and can alter our everyday life with little effort at all. Ever wonder why all stores smell of cinnamon and vanilla during holiday? It’s because these scents are prone to trigger hunger and everyone shops more while hungry. Click here to view’s list of 13 best candles for sexy-time.

You can also gift him with a favorite cologne or body wash set. I am in love with Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani.

Touch: Massage oil is always a good way to end your night. Make sure to switch off so you both get a full body rub-down. Just like candles, you want to pick a massage oil scent that will heighten your sense and arousal. according to Sandal wood is a good option because “When used as a massage oil, this light, woody aroma has been part of Tantric sexual rituals for thousands of years. Sandalwood is said to trigger the second chakra and heighten one’s sexual response. The very presence of sandalwood in the bedroom is said to induce more powerful orgasms.”

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If you are really adventurous, touch can be very exciting. Straight out of the pages of an erotic romantic novel, you can surprise him by wrapping up the remote to your vibrating panties. Give him a sweet note so he knows you are wearing them and tell him he is in control. Best thing is you will never know when he hits the button, but you will be glad when he does. Warning: All reviews state this a little on the loud sound. Actually all of the ones I looked up said they were loud, the below option had the best rating.

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For a slightly cheaper option you can check out the one below. It is not yet rated, but I assume you get what you pay for haha.

I hope you enjoyed this little adventure with me and hope you have a fantastic celebration of love this Valentine’s Day.


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