The Good, The Bad, and the Uncensored Valentine’s Day

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When my husband and I met, it was just short of love at first sight. Things moved really fast and we were talking about marriage within a year of being together. We actually had a date picked out before a proposal even took place. So it goes without saying I would get super anxious around the times I felt were perfect for him to pop the big question. A year passed and no proposal or wedding happened. Not because I didn’t get a ring, but things, like money, weren’t working in our favor as we were super young and living like college students.

2 years went on and with the original wedding date behind us, anticipation evaporated and we were happy just being us. We would watch Romantic comedies, my favorite movie genre, and talk about how silly or perfect details of weddings or proposals were. One thing I mentioned was how I never wanted a holiday proposal. They are super generic and expected, plus I want my own day to feel special. By the way, did I mention that I have an amazing husband who’s best quality is listening. I didn’t? Well that’s because he doesn’t listen.

He planned out the most intimate, time-consuming, proposal that was super sweet, on Valentine’s Day. Since then, we don’t go big on V-Day. It could be the fact that the holidays are exhausting, my birthday is in January and then our wedding anniversary is in March. My poor husband has 4 months of non-stop, making me feel special work to put in. So when he gets me flowers, a balloon, and chocolate, I’m not even mad. We normally will do dinner and watch a movie, but what’s important is we are together. I guess it’s not to important to us since we try to go on dates regularly or just have us time together.

Now, since having Aria, I can not even tell you what we did last year, 90% sure we both worked. We probably did cards, and if he let me sleep in, that’s good enough for me. This year, Aria is a bit older but I don’t want to get a sitter so the question of what to do as a family comes to mind. I know other parents are out there debating on a sitter or not. I also know a bunch of people are trying to figure out what to do for their loved one. So I have put together three nights depending on how steamy you are looking to get. Click a choice below to see food, gift, and activity ideas to do on this special holiday of love.

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  1. I love the idea of the choose your own adventure Valentine’s. I picked family fun since we have two little boys. I love making my husband’s favorite meal and trying some new fancy dessert recipe. I like the idea of tying your meal choice to the movie. Hope you and your family have a fun Valentine’s day!

  2. We have two kids now, a 2 1/2-year-old and a two-month-old. We usually don’t like to go out to dinner because it’s too crowded and you have to make a reservation a week in advance. So we usually just do something at home the night of… Or go out the day before.

  3. I’m always happy with just the flowers. I think we went somewhere the first few years but it just feels unnecessary now. We kind of like our daily routines lol.

  4. I’m always happy with low key, so long as the day is acknowledged in some way. I like all the pretty decorations and the excuse to buy myself flowers though!

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