The Bad Valentine’s Day

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Choice number two, you lucky duck you. If you picked this Valentine’s day option it means you either have a babysitter for a few hours, or your kids go to bed on time and sleep through the night. It also means you may be getting lucky, so these activities will help guide the way. If you want to get extra lucky, head over to the steamy post here, cupid will be jealous.

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The Gifts: OK ladies, I know we are really good at thinking of creative gift ideas, or the perfect thing to get our special someone. Now since we normally do this all year long, and the holiday’s just ended, we sometimes need a little help. There are so many easy, budget friendly, things to do or buy. I’ve linked a few romantic options below.

My husband made me this framed map collage one year and I love it. He listed where we met, our fist date, and where we got married. It was a simple yet heartfelt gift. We hung it above the bed in our apartment before we had Aria.

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If you love puns as much as I do, you’ll really enjoy this next one. Who doesn’t like candy and a good laugh.

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To also honor the fact that my husband is very nerdy, and again I love puns, I know there is a couple out there just like us. I love this DIY from

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The Main Dish: Now, considering you only have a sitter for a few hours, or you are waiting for bed time, you don’t want to spend a great deal of time cooking. The best way to avoid this is to go out for dinner. Now keep in mind, a majority of couples will be doing this and if you didn’t make a reservation weeks, sometimes months, in advance, you most likely will not be able to get a table. If you do get one, you might have to wait a few hours.

I have found 3 quick and easy recipes to make a dinner at home special and hassle free.

First up is a slow cooker meal. If you have seen my other recipes on the Chef BoyarDay tab, you will see I’m obsessed with this way of cooking. These fall of the bone short ribs from are delicious and plate beautifully. You can have them alone, or with a side of your favorite steamed veggie.


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The Instant Pot way of cooking is still new to me, but I did find this to be a good option from

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The next is a sheet pan recipe from I love these options because they are easy, and clean up is quick.

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Bonus meal: Lent falls on Valentine’s day this year, so I wanted to make an option that works for anyone who participates. Try this meal from 

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The Sweet Stuff: The dessert goes with the activity. It is easy to take into the bedroom or tube. Simple place the tray on the tub ledge. Or click here to get your bathtub caddy for food and wine. Chocolate dipped strawberries are such a classic dessert and perfect for relaxing and talking.

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The Activity: As parents, we hardly get time for us. Really think about the last time you and your significant other sat down and talked. I’m not talking about work related topics, PTA stuff, or schedules for the kids this year. I mean just talked as a couple, laughed together about nothing like when you two first got together? Before the kids come home from the sitter, or after they go to bed, take a nice relaxing bubble bath together. Most importantly, skip the phones. You can keep them near for emergency purposes, but don’t go on them while together.


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No matter what you do, make sure you take time for yourself as a couple. Enjoy the time and relax. In the end, it doesn’t matter what the gifts are, it’s all about the celebration and the thought.


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