1. It’s so true! But the good friends will be there even if it takes a little longer to balance being a good friend with th demands of motherhood. Those are the best kind of friends!

  2. Having a child changes a lot of things, friendships included. It’s not easy transitioning making that transition. It’s nice that you’ve met new friends that can be apart of your life in the season that you’re in at this time. We all eventually move on and move forward in life due to one thing or another and it’s nice to have someone to share in that season with us.

  3. Yes! Mom life gets in the way of friendships, for sure. I live in a different state than my closest friends, but I still try to keep in touch as best as I can. I recently started taking my daughter to a weekly gym class and that has definitely helped with finding some mommy friends with kids close in age! I love the idea for the app – going to check it out!

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