A Shattered Moment

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Remember my going to the vet alone story? If you didn’t read it yet, you can click here to be refreshed. Let’s say, I don’t easily learn my lessons because I went alone to the vet again.

This time, I had no choice since my husband had to work, but I was much more prepared. I had a fully charged phone with Trolls loaded up for my daughter. I had her bottle, favorite Gerber snacks. Her favorite Poppy doll and a book.

For the puppy, her new Penguin Chew Toy, and her favorite bone came with us. I also didn’t go to the wrong location this time and showed up before the store opened. Seven other people had the same idea as me so again I was in the back of the line, at least I knew where the line was this time around.

There were much fewer people than the first time, but for some reason, Korra (our dog) did not feel like being calm, like before. She didn’t want to walk on her leash so I carried her while pushing the stroller into the store. Then she felt like licking every dog in the face that walked by us and howled so everyone knew she was there. This got the attention of the nice employees who came over to play with her and give her treats.

Aria taking photos at the Vet

Of course we have now been waiting for 30 minutes and my toddler, who is getting over a cold and currently cutting 4 teeth at once, wants out the stroller. So I pour her snacks in the stroller cup holder, give her my phone with her movie and that saves me an extra 20 minutes. By that time, we are next in line and the employees are back to talk to me about dog training, which we signed up for, and to give more treats.

Aria thinks this is funny and I have 20 of these pictures in my phone.

It’s finally our turn to see the vet, another 30 seconds for her treatment, a minute for my receipt to print and we are out the door. Load everyone back in the car, head to In-N-Out for my victory lunch and go home to clean and take a much-needed nap. This is where our day had a major turn of events.

See I normally do not nap during the day, but with my teething toddler, my husband and I probably had about 4 hours of very interrupted sleep and I skipped coffee. I should have put her down for a nap and then made coffee and did my work then. But again, I NEVER take naps and felt I deserved it. I too was getting over a cold and knew this is what I needed.

Aria documenting our trip to In-N-Out

Baby girl woke up around 2:30 in a very bad mood. So I gave her some medicine for her pain and let her watch Word Party on Netflix while I got my coffee and grabbed a box of tissues for the both of us. My daughter is 16 months old now and in the stage of, “I’m not listening to anything you tell me, even though I understand you.” She clearly gets what no means as she can correctly use it when my husband or I ask her a question.

So I needed to do some computer work and while my child is busy watching her show, thought that was the optimal time to do so. I finally brew me some coffee, make sure all pets and children are happily situated, grab my laptop and phone and get to work. About 10 minutes into her shows, she sees my coffee cup and decides she needs it. I tell her “It’s mommy’s.” Which in turn is the worst thing in the world as she throws herself to the floor crying as if auditioning for the lead role in Days of Our Lives. I ignore the behavior and it stops after 45 seconds when she pops up and starts dancing to the music on TV.

I take breaks in between work to play with her and the puppy and things are going well as they normally do. Then this little mastermind starts taking all the tissue out the tissue box. I get up, place my cup down and tell her “no.” She doesn’t cry though, she simply walks away while I clean up her mess, that’s when a hear the loudest crash in the world. I knew at that moment she grabbed my coffee mug and must have dropped it. I am not too upset as I drank a majority of my coffee and it’s not hot anymore so I know the mess won’t be that big.

I stand up and prepare to clean the mess as she runs up behind me knowing she is in trouble. I continue to hear a crackling and can’t understand why. I swear I was staring at the sliding glass door for what seemed like a century before my brain could fully understand what had just happened. She didn’t just knock over my mug, she dropped it perfectly on our glass door and the crackling I was hearing was the glass shattering in place.

Lines continued to meet one another in the glass as it spider-webbed in all different directions. The noise was loud and I had no idea what to do. I just kept picturing the glass exploding like they do in the movies, and while this scenario was going on, I still could not comprehend how she was able to do this. I quickly grab the baby and the dog because I didn’t want them touching it and it shattering on them. I then call my husband because we would have to fix this and every place I looked up online was closed because it was Sunday.

Now I have a screaming kid who can’t go to the cool looking glass. An over excited dog who thinks we are playing, and a cat who finally decides to come out of his hiding spot and detect what the noise was. Then there is me, in my not so finest hour doing the one thing I never wanted to do as a mom, yelling at everyone to calm down, stop crying, no barking, cat go away, stop chasing the cat, don’t hit the dog, please just stop.

This all lasted about 30 minutes, but seemed way longer in the moment. I talked to both my husband and in-laws who gave advice and a number to a guy who should be able to fix it. Went to Lowe’s and found some heavy-duty Gorilla Tape to tape up the window; we have a double pane glass door and luckily only the inside shattered. I also browsed the door section to see the cost and was surprised at how much less it was compared to what I had in mind.

Maybe it’s a sign I should stop running errands on Sunday, or I should never skip coffee in the morning. One thing I didn’t do was skip wine that night. Wish me luck.



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  1. That sounds like a stressful day, especially for a Sunday! I feel like I needed a drink after reading your whirlwind of a Sunday. Hope you got your door fixed!

  2. AHHH! What a day! Oh my gosh….I remember those days when my kids were super little. It is almost like you can’t turn your head before they are into something else. It definitely gets easier. My kids are 12, 9 and 6. The older ones really start to help with everything from household chores to mowing the lawn…. and now babysitting! BIG SIGH! Each stage is so great and being a stay at home mom is such a blessing because you get to see every little thing. The little years go SOOO fast, enjoy every minute!! I actually miss that big diaper waddling all over the house. hehe. I just found your site through the “Build your email list linky party”! I subscribed and I thought I would introduce myself. I’m Kathleen Rupp #42 on the list…author of Everything Karupped a diy blog. Nice to meet you! Your website is great can’t wait to see more!

    • admin

      For fun, I let my mind venture to the future when she can clean up her own messes and wipe her own butt. The she literally smacks me back to reality lol. I am so excited you found my blog. I am headed over to yours right now. I love your name. I am a sucker for puns and play on words.

      • April Peevyhouse

        We all dream for those days. My oldest is almost 20 and I still waiting……for the cleaning up her own mess thing, not the butt wiping. She’s got that. Lol. Grandma use to say you spend the first year teaching them how to walk and talk. Then the next 17+ wishing they would just sit down and be quiet for a minute

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