Indoor Activities (To Keep You Sane)

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As a California mom, words like snow days are foreign to us. We think 50 degrees is cold and our heaters are always on 64 or higher. Winter coats are fashion accessories and sometimes you will see shorts and a hoodie in January.

Although today is a beautiful 63 degrees, 2 days ago, I found myself locked inside with a toddler, puppy, and a cat who were running wild. It had rained for 24 hours straight which rarely happens here, but I went into full crazy mom mode since no one could go outside and release their energy.

I know my days of being inside come and go and others are dealing with snow days. I wanted to create a list of activities to make your winter inside a bit easier. Here are the top 5, I found, that are easy and use items around the house.


1.If you are looking for a game that teaches learning and gets them to clean without them noticing, I recommend this Scavenger hunt game. If you have multiple children, it becomes a competition and things get done twice as fast. I would recommend this one before lunch or right after dinner and let their reward be a snack or dessert they normally don’t get to eat. Recommended age 2-5 years. You may try with younger or older kids, although they may not understand, or be to old and understand that you’re making them clean.



2. The next is something to help tire those little ones out. Keeping it simple crafts makes indoor ping-pong easy and non worry as you use a balloon, so things won’t get broken. Recommended for kids age 3               and up. If you have smaller children, just give them the balloon, it will keep them busy for a bit.



3. If you need something a bit more calm and quiet, I recommend this tic-tac-toe game from All you need are paper plates, marker, and some tape. Recommended for kids 3 and up.           Younger children may enjoy, but you will never finish a game.



4. For moms with younger ones, like myself, simple is best. They wont play for hours but a 15 minute break is good enough for me. has an easy game for children 12-24 months.



5.Last is good old fashion hide and seek. To really make it fun, make sure you are the seeker, you can go 5 minutes without ever having to really search for your child. If you randomly call out and make noise, it          gives you 10 minutes before they realize you are not actually looking.


I hope these finds bring you some sanity. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite indoor game is.


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  1. I’m also a SoCal mom here, and when it rained the other day, both my children were confused as to why the “sky is crying”. This is a good list to keep on hand for future rainy days, and just incase the heater has to be turned to 68. hehe.

    • admin

      I like that phrase the “Sky is crying.” I can’t wait to open up the house again when it warms up.

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