Never Reward Bad Behavior

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So it happened to me today. The thing all mothers dread when we take our toddlers out to run errands. You know that thing that makes everyone stare at you with their little judgy eyes and annoyed whispers because obviously you can’t control your child. Ya thatthing. 

See I had a plan today. I was getting ready for the holidays as my in-laws are staying for the week with us. Sunday is my only real day to get anything done so I wrote my list, woke up and showered, that alone should get me an award. I dressed my child and said let’s take the puppy to get her shots. Then here is where it all went wrong. Hubby said, “Do you want me to come with you?” I said, “No, go ahead and fix the shower. I’ll get them out the house for you.”

Big mistake. So everyone is happy, I get to the store. Grab the stroller, get my child out the car, grab the dog, walk halfway to the store to see I’m at Petsmart, not Petco. So I turn around, load everyone back into the car and that’s when I should have went home.

My child is screaming in the back seat for no reason. I’m trying to drive and give her the baba, but she doesn’t want that baba, she wants mommies baba’s. I should add I’m trying to completely ween her of nursing. So I pull up to Petco, do the routine again. Stroller, baby, diaper bag, dog, coffee, ok let’s go. Again we are fine, I stand in line only to be approached by this lady that says the line is further back. I’m like thanks nice lady so I’m walking and she goes, “well ya, you need to go to the back.” I said thank you I’m on it, didn’t realize I wasn’t in line. So she goes “well ya, you need to register first.” well ok queen of the world, I got it.

Now I’m irritated at her, but my child is fine and the dog is listening. So I’m standing there and it happens. My kid does not want to wait in this line and is officially trying to break free of the stroller. I try to get her to stay and she yells. That again is where I should have went home. But no I showered and I’m allowed to be in public.

So I pull her out and have the baby on my hip and the dog by my side. My daughter again is protesting and wants down. Of course I can’t let her run free in the store. So I say, “no you’ll get lost, you can’t run around.” Then Armageddon hit. My daughter throws herself back and let out the loudest cry ever. Everyone is staring, just watching me juggle a screaming toddler and an 11 week old puppy. I rock her, hush her, sing to her, nothing. Then little miss back of the line steps out of line to look at me all the way in the back. She rolls her eyes and goes back to her spot. Like HELLO, can I help you?!?!

So I finally Get My Daughter to calm down and the line starts moving again. Everything is fine until she points to a dog you and I tell her no. Apparently that’s her trigger world because here comes another melt down, more stares and some whispers. I finally make it up to the vet and it takes him all of 4 minutes to help us. Like why was I in line for an hour!

So now I’m super mad, embarrassed and just ready to go home. The rest of the errands can wait. I get everyone and everything in the car. Start the car, look in the mirror and my child is sleeping. Like seriously?!?!? Ugh, anyways, now I think I’ve officially experienced motherhood and I’m glad I didn’t leave. Those people can stare, my child is not an inconvenience to you. I am not a horrible mother, I told her no and stood my ground. I will not reward bad behavior.

I hope you all have a judgment free week.


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