Don’t Watch The Clock

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Happy Monday Loves! If you are like me, you are sitting there with the Monday blues, tired, and just want to climb back into bed and snuggle with those comfy blankets. If you don’t feel this way, you are steps ahead of the rest of the world and I need to know your secret.

It took awhile to figure out why the Monday blues exist. You would think after having a weekend off, you would be refreshed and ready to start your work week. The problem for most of us is the fact that we do not enjoy the job we are going to. The problem for the rest of us, we are moms and we don’t have a weekend off to refresh ourselves.

One things as a mom I don’t take time out for myself but I feel strongly that every mother should. Here is a little quote that helped me after a hard weekend of mommying and working. “Don’t Watch the clock, do what it does; Keep going.”-Sam Levenson

See I had a moment this weekend where I didn’t want to keep going. I wanted to stay in bed and do nothing, but I had a friend call and remind me of what my purpose is. I have a daughter watching my every move and I never want her to see me defeated. So today I ask you to find the thing that keeps you going and when you fill like stopping, change your batteries.

I hope you have an amazing week.


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  1. Thank you for the pep talk I needed it!! That is great you have a friend that reminds you of your purpose!! You are so encouraging thank you again

  2. I love that quote! You’re so right that our little ones are watching us and learning from us. We should always try to react in the most positive or constructive way for their sake (although I know it is NOT always easy). Hope your blues go away. Much love.

  3. What a great quote! I need to remember this at home but also in my classroom. In fact, it would be a great quote to put above my board (under the clock so the kids see it when they stare at the clock…lol). – Amy

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