About Me

The Mom Behind The Glass

Hello, I’m Tiffany Day, creator of the Red Wine and Blue Mom. I am obsessed with my daughter, Aria, husband, Eric, my pets, recreating Pinterest food, motivational quotes, makeup, skin care, a good deal, and wine.

Red Wine and Blue Mom was created with the purpose of showing the good, the bad, and the ugly side of motherhood. Too often do we get caught up in the perfect family on social media, where feelings of failure then rush over us for not having that same picture perfect life. I too was caught in this unhealthy cycle and I wanted to create a space for the unfiltered, organized chaos we call parenting.

This blog was created with everyone in mind. The sad mom that’s needs a good motivational start to her week while sipping her cold coffee in the morning. The foodie that is tired of Pinterest fails and wants to create yummy, budget friendly meals. The makeup enthusiast that wants a practical 5 minute morning routine. The skin care junkie that has no time for the esthetician, but wants to wake up to glowing skin. The shopaholic whose wants are bigger than their bank account. And of course, everyone in-between who loves a good laugh and a decent glass of wine.

Before this, I was a retail store manager who worked 40+ hours a week with a 2 hour roundtrip commute. Now I’m a work from home mom just trying to raise a decent human.